Chef Sora is dedicated to make the world a tastier place by providing one good meal at a time. She believes truly good food that nourishes both your body and spirit is essential to anyone's happiest life. Sharing the techniques and wisdom of Washoku, the Japanese cuisine that she has learned over the course of her unique journey is her passion and contribution of choice for building our future. 

Sorane Yamahira a.k.a. Chef Sora was born in 1980 in Nagoya and grew up in Tokyo. Before discovering the joy of cooking, she was an enthusiastic eater taking full advantage of living in one of the most renowned gourmet cities in the world with a rich history of culinary art. In addition, with her family's love of traveling she was lucky enough to be exposed to food culture in different countries at a young age. She started shaping her craft of cooking at the time when she lived with her mother who had critical health issues and that lead her to cultivate a deeper understanding of the relationship between food and health. Since she moved to Washington DC in 2009, she has been cooking with the theme of how to cook Japanese food outside of Japan and how its techniques and wisdom can contribute to the development of food culture for the future of all of us. She is former Chef at Pembroke Spring Retreat (VA) and has studied at Izakaya Seki (DC) and Kyoya (NYC). 

Photo by  Robin Bell

Photo by Robin Bell


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